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HumanMTech Co., Ltd. was established on Aug. 3, 2015 and established a company in Biotechnology Incubator Center of Dankook University based on cooperation between industry and science with the Department of Microbiology of Dankook University and Clinical Pathology Department of Health Science University.
Our company produces and supplies Probiotics and Lactobacillus preparations and raw materials based on Lactobacillus which removes harmful bacteria in the intestines of human body and increases active oxygen in order to keep pace with the increasingly rising health food in domestic and overseas, In order to alleviate or inhibit vaginitis occurring in the vagina of women, we would like to develop and supply a vaginitis therapeutic aid with lactic acid bacteria and a disposable injector for easy injection into vagina.
In addition, KTJ, H&B Tech etc. cooperates with skin beauty related products in product development.
Currently, it is mainly based on R & D, but aims to develop food, medicine, cosmetic raw materials and finished products in the future.