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We dedicate ourselves to the R & D of baby products with accumulated knowledge as well as their production and distribution under the slogan In particular, we dedicate ourselves to eco-friendly products made from ingredients that are proven safe and effective through strict quality management and constant research, taking into consideration safety, non-toxicity, and convenience.
#Keyword fishing line, nylon fishing line, fishing, fishing equipment, NYLON MONOFILAMENT FISHING #Company Introduction ANN SUNG CO. has been producing fishing line since 1980. We produce all types of fishing line made by Korean nylon. #Product 1_1.825mm Light Blue Fishing Line | fishing equipment 2_0.7mm High Quality Blue Fishing Line | nylon fishing line 3_0.625mm Hard Type Fishing Line | fishing line
Aqua Green Technology Co.,Ltd.
Aqua Greentech Co., Ltd. is a marine bio venture company that takes care of sustainable marine resources in clean Jeju and develops high value-added materials and specialized products using eco-friendly bio-technology capabilities, including health function foods, functional cosmetics and food additives.
In 2018, We participated in Korea international womens invention exposition competition and took second place(SEMI GRAND PRIZE) in almost 380 groups with our baby bottle product. We promise that we will continue to try to make baby products that will bring happiness and joy to both babies and their parents.
BabyLab Inc.
BabyLab Inc. adopts innovative Design and high Quality materials. Our researching & designing teams ensure that all items are made precisely, and think about the environment & future of our babies. Depending on advanced managing and manufacturing systems, we can guarantee the quality of all manufacturing process. The first product of ideebebe is Disposable One-day Bibs. Using one sheet per day from outside, such as going out or traveling, to make it easier and more hygienic for your drooling babies. Three-layer bibs including absorbing core can protect your precious babies from chafed and chapped skin around babys mouth because of drooling. The second product of ideebebe is Disposable Nature Gauze. Using a disposable scarf, it is more convenient and hygienic than previous gauze or scarf. It also comes in large sizes and cutting lines for a variety of applications. Made of two kinds of natural materials, TENCEL and Bamboo, babies skin can be directly exposed to use it with confidence. BabyLab Inc. is... More
BACKOREA CO., LTD was established in 2018. It produces and sells base-make up products under the slogan "The Perfect Foundation for Customers' Skin." In Korea, it is sold online, including Gmarket, Auction and 11th Street. It is well received by customers with excellent product power and reasonable prices. In order to expand the market, it is making inroads into ASEAN and northern Europe and preparing for sales at home shopping and MALL.
Bella-Medi was established to provide High-Quality Medical supplies to our partner all around the world. We are professional manufacturer of PDO(Polydioxanone ) thread , HA Filler, LED MASK, Micro-Current Mask Pack, Anesthetic Cream. Also we are distributor of Botulinum Toxin, other HA Filler, Micro Needle..etc. We are constantly developing our technology and will provide the best service& product for you.
We have 18 years-long sales record in Korea and overseas market. We are a leading company in a field of acne-treating cosmetics. In 2019, we rebuilt a new corporation and simultaneously renewed all products. Our product brand is still ""BIOLEE"" and we especially focused on acne out of all the fields of cosmetics.
We have gone all out at development for 5 years befroe we set up out company Jan 25, 2006. And finally, we have release YONGJINSAM.
Since the foundation in 1996, under the management principle of Do not forget your original intention BOOGIL has been working hard in developing and growing in order to forge a company of warmth, happiness and in plenty. Our Company is doing its best to be responsible for the industry s best quality level, and to fully satisfy all of customers demands such as quality, delivery date and prime cost, at the nearest position to the customers, always based on reliance.
Byeolttang Hangwa Daily Nut
Established in 2014, Byeolttang Hangwa Daily Nuts has made snacks with patented way, whereupon our snack doesn’t stick to teeth and has crunchy texture. We put the healthiness itself given from nature in the snack, with 100% pure nuts which certified as a Gangwon Specialty without artificial additives.
Massage and Massage Specialty Brand Shop
Chamgil co.,Ltd
An Item enabling us to always live a convenient life in a bood envsteelment is the assignment and objective of our company.
Since foundation in 2005, we have been playing a key part in creating new culture of sumac here utilizing the sumac-related technologies inherited from the previous generations, as the first sumac expert in Sumac industrial zone, Okcheon. We have been engaging in production and distribution of "non-poison sumac tea bag", "non-poison sumac Geumgang sumac water" after removing toxic substances causing poison sumac-getting problem and furthermore, we also developed 'Mangsan sumac chicken feet essence which is a processed meat product.
Chancel Co., Ltd.
The beauty recipe found in the beauty of the bright sunshine, the moistness of the clear and clean water, and the purity of the blue-green energy wind, SKINNATION Research for products that minimize harmful substances on the skin and that can be relied on for safe composition of natural extracts obtained from nature. Since we have built trust based on our trust and commitment with our customers, we will try to achieve 100% satisfaction with good raw materials and high technology, excluding excessive advertising or bubbles from the middle distribution process.
CSI focus on providing precision cutting solution for power-train systems, specializes in BROACH, HOB, ENDMILL. Our continuous effort is to develop edge cutting tools and technical support for our customers. We are dedicated to being the best solution when looking for cutting tools, reducing customer‘s production cost by improving the precision and technical solution is our mission.
Atofrien is a cosmetic created to improve skin trouble and moisturize skin. Helps to relieve itching and irritation of the skin. Unlike the existing steroid and ceramide products Because it is made of natural ingredients and has no side effects, It is a safe cosmetic that even babies can use.
The best selling radish in a day! Domestic B2B, B2C sales from general foodstuff distribution. It is a pickled radish that tastes like and familiar to consumers.
In accordance with the trend of the 'cosmeceutical' market, a market created through combination of the medical and beauty industries, CIELLINE is focusing on developing anti-oxidation products, and aspires to offer specialized products that provide both professional and fundamental improvement in skin condition. CIELLINE manufacture and export 30 kinds of facial mask pack and basic line of skin care products including toner, cream so on. Reprentative product of CIELLINE is facial sheet mask pack and all masks are featured with functional fabric sheet and highly stabled and qualified essence on the basis of differentiated technology. CIELLINE strives to provide customers struggling with skin problems with products that restore the natural strength of the skin, rather than merely providing transient effects. We promise to do our best in conducting research continuously, and strive to provide the appropriate products at a reasonable price for beautiful skin.
CMON GRAPHIC is a poster brand made by CMON DESIGN It is a poster design brand that plans, shoots, designs, and even produces posters for casual projects. The first project, Flora Graphic, has the idea of living with plants that are not withering. It has good effect on your interior design. It is a great gift for you and people you care about. Give them gifts of love and support in harmony with plants.
CNA Co., Ltd
CAN Co., Ltd is a provider of innovative smartphone cradles. The product provides free wireless charging for customers in offline stores like cafeterias and beauty shops. Simultaneously, it shows menus and advertisements on the customers’ smartphones and customers can make secure orders. In addition, at airports and tourist attractions, it can recognize the basis language of each smartphone and thereby provides contents in that particular language.
With E-mart Traders, developed paper foil for air-fryer. Launched "CookingParm" in Homeandshopping and sold out. Out product is being sold in major supermarket, military welfare market. Soon, our product will be on Amazon
Cosroot is cosmetic beauty specialized company. We promise to be an honest, hard working company. Our door is always open to customers. We would like to improve along with the customers.
Since established on March, 2009, Croir Vision, has been OEM manufacturer for beauty products and exporting them to Taiwan, Thailand and Malaysia and so on. To meet clients needs, we have been creating a variety of products with ideas such as Mask Sheet pack, Cucumber gel, skincare product and make up product and so on. Moreover, since we are distributing out products to local home shopping channel, we have various kinds of insert film cuts. We can provide those films with any company that needs them for various overseas marketing purposes. In June, 2011, we were assigned as Promising Small-Medium Sized Enterprise by Korea Small-Medium Business Administration, and in September 2013, we were awarded Impressive Design Product Prize of Seoul Fair 2013 by Seoul Business Agency. We will try our ongoing best to take the spot of public victory regarding our products, service and business management.
CUZ was founded for stylish parentinf item reached by users tastes and better styles as well as improving and developing the original function of baby products.
We are producing hand-bags, and wallets, shoes etc from a number of kinds of leathers such as cow leather, ostrich leather, alligator-caiman skin, python skin etc.
Daiseung Medics Co., LTD.
Excellence in Diagnosis, Daiseung Medics
DaJin Jewellery
BRIJIN WORK JEWELRY products are the most expensive items and the highest level in the jewelry industry, which are much higher than the general products being sold in the gold and silversmith's shops. We produce the items by the special manufacturing method which keeps the color and the high durability of melted minerals such as crystal, zirconia, minerals and rare earths by applying the volcanic eruption principle. It is highly productive compared to conventional manual work and it is a high value-added product. Especially, even Tiffany, Cartier and China which are famous foreign jewelry brands cannot imitate from the original, and so there is no competitor in the country. Cutting the jewels and fitting them into the jewelry frame is very handcrafted by only the craftsmen or the best grinding companies, which causes its low production. The plastic color adhesives, which are petroleum extracts such as enamel, cloisonne, etc., are also used in accessories for foreign famous brands. It is not true jewelry... More
We have our own factory in Gyeonggi-do
Design Pantry Co., Ltd. is a professional character design company that seeks to present joy and happiness to customer in their daily lives based on its own character contents. The most famous characters of Design Pantry include SONGSONGe, HAMZZI, Cherry-blossom Girl, etc. Currently, we provide the service to many messengers, such as Kakaotalk, Line, Band, and WeChat, etc., and make character goods with our characters for sales. We, Design Pantry, are dedicated to character development and expansion of business area to become a global company. Our characters are always waiting for you. We hope that you can have a good time with them.
DMW KOREA With the increase of womens social activities, the tendency of female consumers who have been passive has changed actively, and have begun to express their "me" actively. Women in their 20s, as well as married women, are taking care of the beauty to show the perfect me. Dmw Korea has also begun a deep study to convey the beauty of such customers.
DNT Inc.
DNT Inc. is a company that holds various patents aimed at premium household appliances companies, producing the worlds first electro-analysised water-generating sprayed dual spin mop cleaner that requires only tap water and salt.
EcoFriendly is a company that grows with the environment. It is a company that grows by pursuing new value creation in environmentally friendly fields. We are continuing R & D and production by combining eco-friendly elements such as umbrella dryer, mop cleaner , pencil stand, monitor stand, and cleansing pad that removes makeup only with water.
Korea #1 premium esthetic & spa brand launching cosmetics. We produce korean skincare product.
Since 1980, we have been producing various containers by recycling plastic houses in rural areas. Previously, vinyl for vinyl greenhouses was not recycled, but also caused environmental problems through landfill or incineration. As the materials for various containers became raw materials, the environment was saved and the materials for cheap and strong containers were produced, so it became a good company to recycle resources.
Eun-jeong Hankwa
We are Eun-jeong Hankwa which produces Korean traditional food(sweets). It is made with 100% handmade traditionally. We are constantly striving to keep up with the taste of traditional Hankwa. "Eunjeong Korean Traditional cookies" uses only good ingredients. The key ingredients needed to make these sweets are rice, grain flour, fruit, and honey or yeot.
Feelxo has spent years researching the best outcomes that can improve people's skin condition. Through numerous trials, we discovered that people's skin needs more than just one nutrient. This means it is necessary to provide your skin with various skin care treatments including hydration, nourishing, pore care, and the constant removal of black & whiteheads. When all of those skin benefits are conducted simultaneously by using our face masks, you will be amazed by how your skin condition improves.
Our green energy techniques and environmental friendly values are imbedded in products of many fields, thermodynamic parts, etc. Make the planet to better place for the generations We are inventing brand new concept products of eco-friendly policy. As a result, it has led to investments in both private and public sectors. We are getting closer to world-class quality. We are absorbing challenging environmental issues such as ‘climate change’ by green & renewable energy based products via inspiration of advanced consciousness & humanity.
The Futuregate Company continues to strive to produce and distribute the best products with the pride and value of contributing to human health. It is made up of eco-friendly products that cherish nature and keep it alive. We are striving for steady R&D as an item of the future. The product line includes natural mastery handmade soap, eco-friendly infant detergents, eco-friendly detergents, multi-purpose cleansers, eco-friendly kitchen cleaners, eco-friendly shampoo, eco-friendly body care products, natural foam baths, eco-friendly hydrogel mask pack sets, eco-friendly cosmetics products, Prebiotech Benefit Bacterial Activation, Prebiotics Organic Farming Materials, Prebiotics Natural Fertilizer, Prebiotics Narcotics, Prebiotics Smell Removal, Prebiotics Detergent, Cold Prevention Mask, Diffuser, Prebiotics Living Goods Incorporation and Commercialization to save nature and contribute to humanity. We are making efforts to pioneer and participate in continuous export consultation and participation.... More
Garam of nature
Garam of Nature, a researcher of Daegu Han University's Oriental Pharmacology Institute, will seek new ways of oriental medicine and innovate and innovate beyond the age of the environment to establish the best investment and research facilities for the future of herbal cosmetics as well as oriental medicine science There is.
Genome & Naturalbio co., ltd.
Genome&Natural Food is the first leading company of producing the fish scale collagen. We have a parent company : Genome&Medicine.
Guide Vision is a PCB design company that was established in 2005 and provides total solution from PCB design to mass production. As a result of providing friendly service based on prompt customer response, It is now a development partner of many domestic leading companies. As part of our expansion in 2019, our company began to develop, produce and sell portable neckband fans. Not only domestic demand, but also to leap to all over the world.
Gusta pursues a healthy inner beauty and shares the lifestyle of improved well-being. Throughout many years of R&D and collaboration with Kyung-hee University, we have obtained numbers of patented technicality. Our goal is to continue our efforts to be the most effective solution for our customers' health.
HAE SUNG wants to lead on life of customer happiness who is wearing cloth which is made by HAE SUNG Functional Fashionable Fabric. For dreams come true, all of our colleague make an effort to keep develop new item and functional health care fabric. If we do our work ourselves, it will be better. If we like our work, it will be more better. If we enjoy our work, we can make the best HAE SUNG fabric with our faith. All of colleague are enjoying work with happiness and wish. Your continued support as we strive towards our dream is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Hoengseong Insam Farm Corporation
Ha Shim-jeong, a company of the Hoengseong Insam Farm Corporation, is directly cultivated and harvested in Hoengseong, Gangwon-do. As a 6th industry certification company, I am focusing on Deodok and Balloon flower products through research on Deodok It is making various health foods and beverages through fermented pile made by ferment As a farmer, I grow healthy agricultural products. Build products honestly, trust products, trust products, buyable products. I am Ha Shim Jung, a Hoengseong Insam-Young Agricultural Cooperative Federation.I am Ha Shim Jung, a Hoengseong Insam Farm Corporation.
HumanMTech Co.Ltd,.
HumanMTech Co., Ltd. was established on Aug. 3, 2015 and established a company in Biotechnology Incubator Center of Dankook University based on cooperation between industry and science with the Department of Microbiology of Dankook University and Clinical Pathology Department of Health Science University. Our company produces and supplies Probiotics and Lactobacillus preparations and raw materials based on Lactobacillus which removes harmful bacteria in the intestines of human body and increases active oxygen in order to keep pace with the increasingly rising health food in domestic and overseas, In order to alleviate or inhibit vaginitis occurring in the vagina of women, we would like to develop and supply a vaginitis therapeutic aid with lactic acid bacteria and a disposable injector for easy injection into vagina. In addition, KTJ, H&B Tech etc. cooperates with skin beauty related products in product development. Currently, it is mainly based on R & D, but aims to develop food, medicine, cosmetic raw... More
Huma-i has thought about the major concerns of the mothers over and over, especially moms with young children, whose immune system is a little bit weak. One of their concerns is, definitely, to bring up their kids with safety and health. However, the number of annual death by air pollution, unfortunately, is increasing every year. According to WHO(World Health Organization), the number of death by indoor air pollution exceeds the number by outdoor air pollution. Now staying indoor is not safe anymore. Here's solution by Huma-i. Huma-i let the moms to see the invisible murderer, air pollution, by measuring air quality anytime and anywhere immediately. Huma-i will help mom & baby, at least from the polluted air, to live in a safe and healthy condition. More
We are contents company that can study and learn through play.