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Medical 21Centery Co., Ltd. is a company which specializes in producing high quality of polydioxanone (Sterile Single Use Polydioxanone Suture with Needle) which is used in Beauty procedure and tries the best to supply treatment of Beauty Energy Bio Meyisun Therapy to the World. We have acquired quality certificate such like GMP, ISO 13485, CE owing to quality management. Through 21Century Medical R&D Center, we are trying to do our best for the constant R&D and quality management, especially was the various patent already applied. Sterile Single Use Polydioxanone Suture with needle. The Sterile Single Use Polydioxanone suture with needle consists of a suture that assembles or processes the raw materials of a Polydioxanone suture & a needle acting as an injector(Cannula). The suture is inserted into the internal tissue & is completely dismantled by hydrolysis process slowly for 4 to 6 months. The activity of fibrous cells increases in the surrounding area of the suture & pharmacy. The density of the... More
A And S CO.. LTD.
#Keyword defuser, base trap, speaker stand #Company Introduction The Moher Debs diffuser is one of the sound aids devices. The product is designed to reflect the top, bottom, left, right, back and forth until sound is transmitted from speaker to ear to complement the sound of distorted sounds overlapping with the original sound. Unlike foreign products, our products are made of natural cedar trees that can cover 850 to 3,400 Hz bands and cost one-third the price of foreign products.
#Company Introduction - AAT is a long-standing tenacity with the mast. - AAT s mast is the premium mast representing Korea. It was made with reasonable price and excellent technology for popularization of K-Mast. # Strength - Carbon pole: material stronger than iron and lighter than alumimum - Be customizabel: Customization makes it easy to adjust height - Up to 150Kg: industry s highest load - Lightening of mast: It is light and resilient using carbon materials
AbleDesign Entertainment
# Keyword premium note, stationery, office sproducts, paper stationery, high quality paper, fountain pen friendly notebook, planner, diary, personal organizer, simple layout, schedule book, professional note # Company Introduction AbleDesign Entertainment is the one and only Entertainment company for designers in Korea. Similar to many other entertainment corporations that focus on acting, singing and other related aspects, Able Design Entertainment manages, produces, supports, and manufactures everything specifically related to designers. designs premium notes and papers, which are suitable for fountain pen and dip pen. Based on users' experience, all the redundants are removed, and the only essential and useful layouts remain. Not only fountain pen users, but those who write a lot such as students, writers, diary users, white collars can use Jaquere notes and paper in their daily life. # Main Products - Reservoir Day Planner A5 (Hard Cover) - Reservoir Montly Planner... More
Ace Electronics Co., Ltd.
Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Home Appliance, Vacuum Cleaner, Smart Robot Cleaner, Corded Vacuum Cleaner, Aqua Cordless Cleaner, Aqua Corded Cleaner, Steam Cleaner, Wireless Vacuum Cleaner, Powerful Cleaner # Company Introduction ACE has consisted of vacuum cleaner specializer taking on both superior hardware engineers and investing R&D field just after establishment. We have more than 20 years of experience of cordless vacuum cleaner industry. Never compromise with quality. This is our company slogan. We never compromise with quality. We always do our best to meet our customers' needs and wants with our reliable products.
We aim to contribute to improving the quality of life of our customers and establishing a pleasant environment by supplying high-efficiency products and components suitable for the eco-friendly and well-being era. In realizing this, all of our employees will do their best with dreams and passions, advanced technology and devotion, and creative ideas to become the first-class company that puts customer satisfaction first. # Main Products 1. Photocatalytic air purifier(domestic) 2. Photocatalytic air purifier(Car/Table) 3. Air curtain 4. Filter Drier
A Company that Makes Everything
#Company Information As the concept of health expands, the wellness awareness of not only physical health, but the importance of spiritual and emotional health being balanced to manage a healthy lifestyle is spreading. The healthy beauty that is achieved through leisure, fitness, and sport activities, in order to pursue physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being, is called an "Active Beauty". Active beauty was the hottest trend selected in the global beauty industry in 2017. ACTIBEAU has been born as a brand specializing in active beauty. ACTIBEAU supports the customer's Active Beauty through skincare, body-care, and make-up products optimized to the customer's leisure, fitness, and sports activities. ACTIBEAU prevents the skin damage that can occur from various activities for Active Beauty and provides the healthy products for the customers to maintain their healthy and beautiful skin. # Youtube : # Instagram... More
#Keywords LGP, Snap Light Box, SEG Light Box, Table Light Box, Revolving Light Box, LED Menu Board, Aluminum Profile, Parking system, Light Guide Plate, LED light box, Fabric light box, guide panel, parking sign, FABLite, PANLite, guide sign panel #Company Introduction AD&Lighting was incorporated in 2001 with its R&D and production technologies for back light used in TFT-LCD. The Company started to exploit its design technology for light guide panel (LGP) and inverter for CCFL, and its production technology for LCD back light. It now engages in the manufacture of high quality back light panels offering high energy light efficiencies using LED as the light source The Company had developed a proprietary pattern processor for LGP to facilitate the manufacture of products in various sizes from small to extra large. Thanks to the LED design technology developed by the in-house electric circuit designers and the ability to manufacture LGP of high intensity and uniformity, the Company is now able to supply... More
We dedicate ourselves to the R & D of baby products with accumulated knowledge as well as their production and distribution under the slogan In particular, we dedicate ourselves to eco-friendly products made from ingredients that are proven safe and effective through strict quality management and constant research, taking into consideration safety, non-toxicity, and convenience.
AIMAT is always striving to maintain the highest quality products based on creative thinking and innovative process improvement. Breathe with our customers, ensure the reliability of our products and technologies, listen to our customers’ requirements, We will make high-value-added products based on our accumulated know-how and accumulated research and development efforts to become a win-win AIMAT. Mission: “Leading to the highest quality based on creation and innovation” Vision: Brand GLOBAL Jiangsu Enterprise with communication and convergence
Airtec Co.,Ltd.
#Keyword air purifier, toothbrush sterilizer, air wall, air filtration device, fresh air, #Company Introduction AIRTECH was founded in 2013. As indoor air becomes more important, interest in proper air filtration devices has been heightened, and after a thorough study of the air purifier that our customers want most, we have developed an efficient yet economical air purifier that can actually feel the fresh air. While all of Airtech's products are aimed at cost-effective, efficient and beautiful design, its top priority is to create quality and performance products at affordable prices. We have a design structure that allows us to develop 'small but strong e-nano film filters' with our own unique technology to solve the problem of air purification and control indoor air without incurring the cost of changing filters. More
#Keyword TRAVEL MOTOR, FINAL DRIVE, REDUCTION GEAR, SWING MOTOR, MAIN PUMP, HYDRAULIC PARTS FOR EXCAVATORS, KAWASAKI MAIN PUMP, ROTARY KIT, SEAL KIT, EXCAVATOR PARTS, OEM HYDRAULIC PARTS, PISTON MOTOR, PISTON PUMP, EXCAVATOR HYDRAULIC PARTS #Company Introduction ALFA TECH produces hydraulic parts for heavy machinery under the name 'MOTROS'. Our parts are well known as OEM hydraulic parts in after service market. Based on superior technology & strict process, we are manufacturing hydraulic parts.
Alpha Hanwoori Co. Ltd
# Keyword mask, kf94, paper filter, kaoline, korean paper filter # Company Introduction We are the manufacture and exporter of the corona mask has been around 3years. # Main Products 1. corona mask kf-94 2. corona mask hanji paper filter mask KF-94 and dental mask 3. general garments # Strength The present invention relates to a korean paper filter for the mask, which contains the illite from kaoline, a manufacturing method for Korean paper filter, and the masks, including Korean paper filter. # Catalogue
#Keyword : smart glass, UTG(Ultra thin glass), nail shiner, nail file, nail polisher, Foot file, Foot Scurbber, Exfoliator, sensor #Company Introduction : We specialize in manufacturing ultra-thin glass. We mainly process ultra-thin flexible and rollable glass of 30um and also we make super small size glass of 1mm radius. Our processed glass has no cracks or notches, so it can be used for foldable displays or rollable displays, and ultra-small sized glass can be applied to ultra-small sensor devices. We also manufacture consumer products such as nail polishers and exfoliators. # Strength : high technology
AlphaO Co.,Ltd
# Keyword electric connector, splicing connector, quick splicing connector, easy connector # Company Introduction Alphao Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing company providing electricians and industry workers with safer and more productive wire connectors. Alphao's proprietary technology of EQ Splicing(EQS)(Non-Stripping Extended Connection or NSEC) does not require cumbersome stripping or splicing of the electric wires and guarantees electric safety. The company is established in 2017 in the vicinity of Seoul, Korea and continuously makes an effort to develop the innovative technologies. Armed with creative minds(mainds) and challenging spirits, Alphao has built up steady growth driven by strong technology developments and business innovations. The Alphao product is based upon EQ Splicing(NSEC) technology and the company holds more than 45 patents registered in Korea, Japan, China, US, Germany and etc. It obtained ISO 9001, ISO14001, CE and CVC certification in 2019. It is also... More
Altochem Co., Ltd
#Keyword ALTOCHEM, ALTOCAST, ALTOSPLINT, ALTO CAST MACHINE, Orthopedic casting Tape, Synthetic Orthopedic Splint, Casting tape and Splint manufacturing machine, Alto U- Pad, Alto V-Splint, Casting tape manufacturing machine, splint manufacturing machine #Company Introduction ALTOCHEM is the most leading medical device company of manufacturing orthopedic casting tape and splint. Based on our abundant experience, we have been exporting not only casting tape and splint manufacturing machine but also its raw materials such as fabric, resin and etc with a total service. We obtained quality certifications of GMP, FDA, CE, ISO13485 and ISO9001. We have been supplying Korea Military Hospital with our products for years and are proud to gain confidence in quality from our government and exporting to more than 40 countries. # Strength 1. Company with total solution 2.... More
#Keyword fishing line, nylon fishing line, fishing, fishing equipment, NYLON MONOFILAMENT FISHING #Company Introduction ANN SUNG CO. has been producing fishing line since 1980. We produce all types of fishing line made by Korean nylon. #Product 1_1.825mm Light Blue Fishing Line | fishing equipment 2_0.7mm High Quality Blue Fishing Line | nylon fishing line 3_0.625mm Hard Type Fishing Line | fishing line
Ansen Co. Ltd
#Keyword waterproof sheet, eco-friendly, sheet for drinking water storing container, advanced waterproofing system, Safe storage of drinking water, recyclable advanced-type anti-corrosion system, Durability of chemical tanks, ANSEN PP-701, ANSEN PP-301, ANSEN RF(TPO) roll sheet, roll sheet, waterproofing sheet, chemical-resistant anti-corrosion concrete sheet, high durability of chemical tanks, waterproof sheet for rooftops #Company Introduction As a company which developed the technology to apply PP materials first in Korea, we promise to make efforts in storing clean and pure water in order to protect the human health and beauty. #Products 1. ANSEN PP-301 Eco-friendly and recyclable advanced waterproofing system suitable for water tank, dringking water reservoir, distributing reservoir, etc. 2. ANSEN PP-701 Recyclable advanced-type anti-corrosion system suitable for chemical tanks, such as hydrofluoric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, ozone, etc. 3. ANSEN RF(TPO) roll sheet Eco-friendly and... More
ANYGEN supplies various types of high-quality peptides promptly by applying our optimal synthesis technology and extensive experiences in the peptide synthesis. We manufacture high-quality custom-made peptides by applying our thorough product managing system (ISO 9001, 1400, GMP Certificated) in the synthesis and purification of peptides, and we supply the peptides demanded by customers by applying custom-made synthesis and purifications according to the level of difficulty in the synthesis and types of modification.
Hot and Cold Water Purifier, Alkaline Water Purifier, Hot and Cold Water Cooler, Water Filters, Water Cooler, Table Top, Counter Top, Stand Type Water Dispenser, Slim Water Dispenser, RO, UF, Carbon, Guraray, Post carbon, Sediment, Pre carbon, Alkaline, Carbon Block #Company Introduction Since the establishment in 1996, APS TECH Co., Ltd. has been an eco friendly company that contributed to the improvement of health and the preservation of nature with acquisitions of many international authentications like ISO 9001 : 2001 system, ISO14001, KSA9001-2001 and passed CE, CB, and SASO. APS has produced all kinds of water purification equipment such as hot and cold water purifier, water dispenser, water filters, under sink, and accessories. With years of efforts, successfully entered the world market ,and enjoyed a good reputation by good quality, competitive price and excellent service with strong Research and Development team, OEM and ODM service are available. We promise our best service, superior... More
Apulsetechnology Co., Ltd.
#Keyword RFID reader, RFID handheld reader, RFID mobile reader #Company Introduction Apulsetech is a RFID company manufacturing RFID handheld readers. With over 20 years of RFID business experience in the field, we make the most efficient RFID handheld reader providing customers high-end technology for the IoT world. Apulsetech designs and manufactures a leading product suitable for various industries, such as Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Retail, transportation, and many others. With our service, your business will grow and reach the world with new opportunities. Apulsetech products offer Slim and sophisticated design mobile RFID readers with class-leading UHF performance. Free SDK and flexible sample applications make your software development easy.
Aqua Green Technology Co.,Ltd.
Aqua Greentech Co., Ltd. is a marine bio venture company that takes care of sustainable marine resources in clean Jeju and develops high value-added materials and specialized products using eco-friendly bio-technology capabilities, including health function foods, functional cosmetics and food additives.
We have produced baby products, designed by ourselves, since 2012. Our products are made of the Eco-friendly material to keep babies safe. We are focusing on the cozy and lovely design that fits babies. # Main Products 1. Baby Sleeping Bag l microfiber baby sleeping bag 2. Stroller Liner l various baby products 3. Kids Bedding Set l premium baby bedding set 4. Face Mask, Dust Mask
Aroma Newtech Co., Ltd.
Aromanewtech Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of cosmetics based on Asan hot spring water in Korea and is developing various functional cosmetics based on the herbal fermentation technology of hot spring water. The company has the advantage of producing products differentiated from other products by developing original brands capable of storytelling. Based on the years of research and development experience related to hot spring water by the corporate subsidiary research institute, we conducted various cosmetics materials development and clinical experiments based on the cooperation of industry-academic associations. Starting with our world-class export-competitive cosmetics materials and brand planning, we are expanding the export market for one-stop services, including design, form, finished product development and licensing agencies.
Aromaville Coffee
AROMAVILLE COFFEE Co., Ltd. has been established in 2001 and produce coffee and its related products. Our company has a good reputation for the quality of brewed coffee made through an in-house coffee bean roasting facility. We're trying to continuously maintain quality by acquiring Certifications such as HACCP and ISO 22000. As a result of these great efforts, we're successful to supply our product to large supermarkets such as E-mart and Lottemart and OEM brands to leading companies in domestic and export to China market. With confidence and for sustainable growth, we'll make the utmost efforts to expand not only domestic but overseas markets to enjoy our company coffee products globally. # Main Products: Drip coffee - Handrip 5T (Colombia/ Kenya/ Ethiopia/ Killimanjaro) - Handrip 30T (Colombia/ Ethiopia/ Kenya) - Handrip 10T (Colombia/ Ethiopia/ Kenya) - Rainbow 3 in 1 100T (Mix Coffee)
In 2018, We participated in Korea international womens invention exposition competition and took second place(SEMI GRAND PRIZE) in almost 380 groups with our baby bottle product. We promise that we will continue to try to make baby products that will bring happiness and joy to both babies and their parents.
ASKO Co., Ltd.
#COMPANY INTRODUCTION We, ASMedi are specialized in manufacturing and distributing medical machine and consumable supplies for effective infection control for medical facilities, biological laboratories. Have you ever wondered why Korea has a low mortality rate of people infected with COVID -19? It is because the major hospitals in Korea use our Negative Pressure Machines to protect and prevent their medical employees from getting infected with COVID-19. ASMedi supplies hospital Negative pressure machine in the outbreak of MERS in 2015 and COVID-19 in 2020. #MAIN PRODUCT -Negetive Air Pressure Machine
Atech is a company to develop, manufacture, and sale small electronics products. We are focusing our capabilities on increasing the value of products by developing them according to the company's vision. Based on this foundation, we will become a company that contributes to society. We're a fledgling company that's just about to get out of its stride, but you will be satisfied with it.
Mask, Covid19, Disposable Face Mask, Reusable Face Mask, K-quarantine product, corona virus mask, pandemic product, Reusable fashion Mask, KF94 Mask, Non-woven Mask #COMPANY INTRODUCTION: With 40 years of manufacturing capability for toys, the highest level of product quality control, and marketing capabilities in the global market, the face mask produced by Aurora World is 100% domestically produced through the largest mask factory in Korea. Aurora is responsible for hygiene and possess excellent product capabilities that have completed design and material development research in our own design lab. #Main product: 1) Face mask for pandemic More
Energy drink, Instant Noodle, Cosmetic, Soft Drink, Health Drink, Ginseng Drink, Drink, Beverage, Beauty, Noodle #Company Introduction "BEST QUALITY AND SERVICE" B.S. Corporation is a insisting in "BEST QUALITY AND SERVICE", we continuously improve our services and consider what our customers think. We know there is much competition in this industry. However, we know from our customers that our service is one of the best in this industry. We pay much attention to the needs of our customers and have expanded our line of products that our customers requested. With abundant knowledge and resources, extensive networks of cultivation and collection, superior technical capabilities, convenient facilities, as well as qualified sales and technical people, we can meet customers various requirements with various products, solutions and services. Besides, we also enjoy excellent reputation among our customers. We are sure that our high quality products and excellent service will attract more and more... More
BabyLab Inc.
BabyLab Inc. adopts innovative Design and high Quality materials. Our researching & designing teams ensure that all items are made precisely, and think about the environment & future of our babies. Depending on advanced managing and manufacturing systems, we can guarantee the quality of all manufacturing process. The first product of ideebebe is Disposable One-day Bibs. Using one sheet per day from outside, such as going out or traveling, to make it easier and more hygienic for your drooling babies. Three-layer bibs including absorbing core can protect your precious babies from chafed and chapped skin around babys mouth because of drooling. The second product of ideebebe is Disposable Nature Gauze. Using a disposable scarf, it is more convenient and hygienic than previous gauze or scarf. It also comes in large sizes and cutting lines for a variety of applications. Made of two kinds of natural materials, TENCEL and Bamboo, babies skin can be directly exposed to use it with confidence. BabyLab Inc. is... More
BACKOREA CO., LTD was established in 2018. It produces and sells base-make up products under the slogan "The Perfect Foundation for Customers' Skin." In Korea, it is sold online, including Gmarket, Auction and 11th Street. It is well received by customers with excellent product power and reasonable prices. In order to expand the market, it is making inroads into ASEAN and northern Europe and preparing for sales at home shopping and MALL.
Backsan LNT Co., Ltd.
LED Factory Light, LED Street Light, LED Flood Light, LED Tube Light, LED Explosion Proof Light, LED Down Light, LED Spotlight, LED Linear Light, LED Stand Light, Living Light #Company Introduction We, Backsan LNT Co., Ltd., are a specialized manufacturer of LED lighting that has acquired ISO 9001, ISO 14001, KC, FCC, KS certification, high efficiency certification as an INNOBIZ company, and CE certification. We have been producing LED home lights, LED plant lights, streetlights, floodlights, downlights, and LED inverter stands. Through our internal R & D department in operation, we continuously strive to develop innovative LED products. We spare no effort in ensuring the stability of our production through the use of only regular parts for all LED items under the slogan of "Create authentic LED." In addition, as shown by the High Energy Efficiency Appliance Certification for all of our products, we are confident that our goods are made under higher standards in terms of quality, price, and design... More
SINK, KITCHEN SINK, STAINLESS SINK, KITCHEN, BAEKJO SINK, BEKJO, KOREA SINK #Company Introduction BAEKJO SINK is sink manufacturer since 1964 for over 50 years. Mainly we produce stainless steel sink and STS304 raw material by POSCO Capacity : 100,000pcs per month and have variety of product ranges. Domestic market : 50% market share with 65 local dealers. Overseas sales : Export over 30 countries(USA, Middle East, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia etc.) #URL #SNS # Strength The best quality sink manufacturer sink Since 1964 Unique and functional design by 20 people's R&D engineer and designer
Baekkun Dredging Co.,Ltd
Who is BAEKKUN? "Baekkun Dredging, Inc." is a professional company specialized in 1. Dredging products Manufacturing, 2. Dredging Construction and 3. everything of Dredging. Established in 2009 and has a shorter history than others, we have frightened the domestic market of Korea with Brand New-technology of Dredgers and Dredging construction method as Eco-Friendly Dredger, Amphibious Dredger, Eco-friendly Underwater Dredging Machine and Method, Eco-Friendly Machine and Method for Soil Separation and the like. Also, we own Proprietary technologies and have patents as well which means we can offer you the services and products that you haven't ever seen. Why BAEKKUN? We don't call Amphibious Dredger, just an Amphibious Dredger. "We call it BAEKKUN!" As a leading group as a Dredging Construction and Dredging products manufacturer, we always concern the value of the future environment first. Experienced hundreds of Dredging construction, we have manufactured the Dredging products which we felt... More
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#Keyword beauty, aesthetic, skincare, obesity, scalp, rf device, ionto device, ultrasound device, sacling, ionzyme, electro poration, vacuum, hifu, led, light therapy, bio light, cet, ret, medical. #Company Introduction since 2001. beauty care device factory. kgmp, ce, kc, iso13485. skincare, obesity, scalp care.
Bella-Medi was established to provide High-Quality Medical supplies to our partner all around the world. We are professional manufacturer of PDO(Polydioxanone ) thread , HA Filler, LED MASK, Micro-Current Mask Pack, Anesthetic Cream. Also we are distributor of Botulinum Toxin, other HA Filler, Micro Needle..etc. We are constantly developing our technology and will provide the best service& product for you.