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Medical 21Centery Co., Ltd. is a company which specializes in producing high quality of polydioxanone (Sterile Single Use Polydioxanone Suture with Needle) which is used in Beauty procedure and tries the best to supply treatment of Beauty Energy Bio Meyisun Therapy to the World. We have acquired quality certificate such like GMP, ISO 13485, CE owing to quality management. Through 21Century Medical R&D Center, we are trying to do our best for the constant R&D and quality management, especially was the various patent already applied. Sterile Single Use Polydioxanone Suture with needle. The Sterile Single Use Polydioxanone suture with needle consists of a suture that assembles or processes the raw materials of a Polydioxanone suture & a needle acting as an injector(Cannula). The suture is inserted into the internal tissue & is completely dismantled by hydrolysis process slowly for 4 to 6 months. The activity of fibrous cells increases in the surrounding area of the suture & pharmacy. The density of the... More
A And S CO.. LTD.
#Keyword defuser, base trap, speaker stand #Company Introduction The Moher Debs diffuser is one of the sound aids devices. The product is designed to reflect the top, bottom, left, right, back and forth until sound is transmitted from speaker to ear to complement the sound of distorted sounds overlapping with the original sound. Unlike foreign products, our products are made of natural cedar trees that can cover 850 to 3,400 Hz bands and cost one-third the price of foreign products.
We aim to contribute to improving the quality of life of our customers and establishing a pleasant environment by supplying high-efficiency products and components suitable for the eco-friendly and well-being era. In realizing this, all of our employees will do their best with dreams and passions, advanced technology and devotion, and creative ideas to become the first-class company that puts customer satisfaction first.
A Company that Makes Everything
#Keywords LGP, Snap Light Box, SEG Light Box, Table Light Box, Revolving Light Box, LED Menu Board, Aluminum Profile, Parking system, Light Guide Plate, LED light box, Fabric light box, guide panel, parking sign, FABLite, PANLite, guide sign panel #Company Introduction AD&Lighting was incorporated in 2001 with its R&D and production technologies for back light used in TFT-LCD. The Company started to exploit its design technology for light guide panel (LGP) and inverter for CCFL, and its production technology for LCD back light. It now engages in the manufacture of high quality back light panels offering high energy light efficiencies using LED as the light source The Company had developed a proprietary pattern processor for LGP to facilitate the manufacture of products in various sizes from small to extra large. Thanks to the LED design technology developed by the in-house electric circuit designers and the ability to manufacture LGP of high intensity and uniformity, the Company is now able to supply... More
We dedicate ourselves to the R & D of baby products with accumulated knowledge as well as their production and distribution under the slogan In particular, we dedicate ourselves to eco-friendly products made from ingredients that are proven safe and effective through strict quality management and constant research, taking into consideration safety, non-toxicity, and convenience.
AIMAT is always striving to maintain the highest quality products based on creative thinking and innovative process improvement. Breathe with our customers, ensure the reliability of our products and technologies, listen to our customers’ requirements, We will make high-value-added products based on our accumulated know-how and accumulated research and development efforts to become a win-win AIMAT. Mission: “Leading to the highest quality based on creation and innovation” Vision: Brand GLOBAL Jiangsu Enterprise with communication and convergence
#Keyword TRAVEL MOTOR, FINAL DRIVE, REDUCTION GEAR, SWING MOTOR, MAIN PUMP, HYDRAULIC PARTS FOR EXCAVATORS, KAWASAKI MAIN PUMP, ROTARY KIT, SEAL KIT, EXCAVATOR PARTS, OEM HYDRAULIC PARTS, PISTON MOTOR, PISTON PUMP, EXCAVATOR HYDRAULIC PARTS #Company Introduction ALFA TECH produces hydraulic parts for heavy machinery under the name 'MOTROS'. Our parts are well known as OEM hydraulic parts in after service market. Based on superior technology & strict process, we are manufacturing hydraulic parts.
Altochem Co., Ltd
#Keyword ALTOCHEM, ALTOCAST, ALTOSPLINT, ALTO CAST MACHINE, Orthopedic casting Tape, Synthetic Orthopedic Splint, Casting tape and Splint manufacturing machine, Alto U- Pad, Alto V-Splint, Casting tape manufacturing machine, splint manufacturing machine #Company Introduction ALTOCHEM is the most leading medical device company of manufacturing orthopedic casting tape and splint. Based on our abundant experience, we have been exporting not only casting tape and splint manufacturing machine but also its raw materials such as fabric, resin and etc with a total service. We obtained quality certifications of GMP, FDA, CE, ISO13485 and ISO9001. We have been supplying Korea Military Hospital with our products for years and are proud to gain confidence in quality from our government and exporting to more than 40 countries. # Strength 1. Company with total solution 2.... More
#Keyword fishing line, nylon fishing line, fishing, fishing equipment, NYLON MONOFILAMENT FISHING #Company Introduction ANN SUNG CO. has been producing fishing line since 1980. We produce all types of fishing line made by Korean nylon. #Product 1_1.825mm Light Blue Fishing Line | fishing equipment 2_0.7mm High Quality Blue Fishing Line | nylon fishing line 3_0.625mm Hard Type Fishing Line | fishing line
Ansen Co. Ltd
#Keyword waterproof sheet, eco-friendly, sheet for drinking water storing container, advanced waterproofing system, Safe storage of drinking water, recyclable advanced-type anti-corrosion system, Durability of chemical tanks, ANSEN PP-701, ANSEN PP-301, ANSEN RF(TPO) roll sheet, roll sheet, waterproofing sheet, chemical-resistant anti-corrosion concrete sheet, high durability of chemical tanks, waterproof sheet for rooftops #Company Introduction As a company which developed the technology to apply PP materials first in Korea, we promise to make efforts in storing clean and pure water in order to protect the human health and beauty. #Products 1. ANSEN PP-301 Eco-friendly and recyclable advanced waterproofing system suitable for water tank, dringking water reservoir, distributing reservoir, etc. 2. ANSEN PP-701 Recyclable advanced-type anti-corrosion system suitable for chemical tanks, such as hydrofluoric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, ozone, etc. 3. ANSEN RF(TPO) roll sheet Eco-friendly and... More
ANYGEN supplies various types of high-quality peptides promptly by applying our optimal synthesis technology and extensive experiences in the peptide synthesis. We manufacture high-quality custom-made peptides by applying our thorough product managing system (ISO 9001, 1400, GMP Certificated) in the synthesis and purification of peptides, and we supply the peptides demanded by customers by applying custom-made synthesis and purifications according to the level of difficulty in the synthesis and types of modification.
Aqua Green Technology Co.,Ltd.
Aqua Greentech Co., Ltd. is a marine bio venture company that takes care of sustainable marine resources in clean Jeju and develops high value-added materials and specialized products using eco-friendly bio-technology capabilities, including health function foods, functional cosmetics and food additives.
We have produced baby products, designed by ourselves, since 2012. Our products are made of the Eco-friendly material to keep babies safe. We are focusing on the cozy and lovely design that fits babies. # Main Products 1. Baby Sleeping Bag l microfiber baby sleeping bag 2. Stroller Liner l various baby products 3. Kids Bedding Set l premium baby bedding set 4. Face Mask, Dust Mask
Aromaville Coffee
AROMAVILLE COFFEE Co., Ltd. has been established in 2001 and produce coffee and its related products. Our company has a good reputation for the quality of brewed coffee made through an in-house coffee bean roasting facility. We're trying to continuously maintain quality by acquiring Certifications such as HACCP and ISO 22000. As a result of these great efforts, we're successful to supply our product to large supermarkets such as E-mart and Lottemart and OEM brands to leading companies in domestic and export to China market. With confidence and for sustainable growth, we'll make the utmost efforts to expand not only domestic but overseas markets to enjoy our company coffee products globally. # Main Products: Drip coffee - Handrip 5T (Colombia/ Kenya/ Ethiopia/ Killimanjaro) - Handrip 30T (Colombia/ Ethiopia/ Kenya) - Handrip 10T (Colombia/ Ethiopia/ Kenya) - Rainbow 3 in 1 100T (Mix Coffee)
In 2018, We participated in Korea international womens invention exposition competition and took second place(SEMI GRAND PRIZE) in almost 380 groups with our baby bottle product. We promise that we will continue to try to make baby products that will bring happiness and joy to both babies and their parents.
BabyLab Inc.
BabyLab Inc. adopts innovative Design and high Quality materials. Our researching & designing teams ensure that all items are made precisely, and think about the environment & future of our babies. Depending on advanced managing and manufacturing systems, we can guarantee the quality of all manufacturing process. The first product of ideebebe is Disposable One-day Bibs. Using one sheet per day from outside, such as going out or traveling, to make it easier and more hygienic for your drooling babies. Three-layer bibs including absorbing core can protect your precious babies from chafed and chapped skin around babys mouth because of drooling. The second product of ideebebe is Disposable Nature Gauze. Using a disposable scarf, it is more convenient and hygienic than previous gauze or scarf. It also comes in large sizes and cutting lines for a variety of applications. Made of two kinds of natural materials, TENCEL and Bamboo, babies skin can be directly exposed to use it with confidence. BabyLab Inc. is... More
BACKOREA CO., LTD was established in 2018. It produces and sells base-make up products under the slogan "The Perfect Foundation for Customers' Skin." In Korea, it is sold online, including Gmarket, Auction and 11th Street. It is well received by customers with excellent product power and reasonable prices. In order to expand the market, it is making inroads into ASEAN and northern Europe and preparing for sales at home shopping and MALL.
SINK, KITCHEN SINK, STAINLESS SINK, KITCHEN, BAEKJO SINK, BEKJO, KOREA SINK #Company Introduction BAEKJO SINK is sink manufacturer since 1964 for over 50 years. Mainly we produce stainless steel sink and STS304 raw material by POSCO Capacity : 100,000pcs per month and have variety of product ranges. Domestic market : 50% market share with 65 local dealers. Overseas sales : Export over 30 countries(USA, Middle East, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia etc.) #URL #SNS # Strength The best quality sink manufacturer sink Since 1964 Unique and functional design by 20 people's R&D engineer and designer
Baekkun Dredging Co.,Ltd
Who is BAEKKUN? "Baekkun Dredging, Inc." is a professional company specialized in 1. Dredging products Manufacturing, 2. Dredging Construction and 3. everything of Dredging. Established in 2009 and has a shorter history than others, we have frightened the domestic market of Korea with Brand New-technology of Dredgers and Dredging construction method as Eco-Friendly Dredger, Amphibious Dredger, Eco-friendly Underwater Dredging Machine and Method, Eco-Friendly Machine and Method for Soil Separation and the like. Also, we own Proprietary technologies and have patents as well which means we can offer you the services and products that you haven't ever seen. Why BAEKKUN? We don't call Amphibious Dredger, just an Amphibious Dredger. "We call it BAEKKUN!" As a leading group as a Dredging Construction and Dredging products manufacturer, we always concern the value of the future environment first. Experienced hundreds of Dredging construction, we have manufactured the Dredging products which we felt... More
company Introduction
#Keyword beauty, aesthetic, skincare, obesity, scalp, rf device, ionto device, ultrasound device, sacling, ionzyme, electro poration, vacuum, hifu, led, light therapy, bio light, cet, ret, medical. #Company Introduction since 2001. beauty care device factory. kgmp, ce, kc, iso13485. skincare, obesity, scalp care.
Bella-Medi was established to provide High-Quality Medical supplies to our partner all around the world. We are professional manufacturer of PDO(Polydioxanone ) thread , HA Filler, LED MASK, Micro-Current Mask Pack, Anesthetic Cream. Also we are distributor of Botulinum Toxin, other HA Filler, Micro Needle..etc. We are constantly developing our technology and will provide the best service& product for you.
#Keyword PINEMAXGOLD, Pine Needle Distilled Concentrate, Red Pine, Pine, Leaf, Leaves, Distillation, Natural, Oil, Health Food, Health Functional Food, Health Supplement, Korean Food, Diabetes, Blood Circulation, Hypertension, Improvement, Care, OEM #Company Introduction BIGINTERNATIONAL CO., LTD is exporting mainly Korean Health Supplement Foods. BIGINTERNATIONAL CO., LTD is overseas sales agency company instead of the company which developed pine needle distilled concentrate, not only about export work of PINEMAXGOLD (Pine Needle Distilled Concentrate 100%) but also about export work of OEM products using Original Pine Needle Distilled Concentrate. We are looking for overseas business partners who want to import and promote PINEMAXGOLD in each Country. More
#Keyword Automatic Banding Machine, Banding Machine, Semi Auto Strapping Machine, Paper Banding Machine, Film Banding Machine, Automatic Banding Machine for Banknotes #Company Introduction We began as an importer and distributor of for financial companies in 1983 and grew into a binding machine manufacturer since 1990. Starting with our cash binding &strapping machine we also began exporting our products. we continued to expand our portfolio and customers to include tray bands for semiconductor companies such as Samsung Electronics and Hynix, drug container bands for pharmaceutical companies, as well as various binding and strapping machines for different industries, food plants, and bills. Our products use ppbands, paper or film bands, depending on the place of use. We continue to tailor our products to our customers' needs. As the only manufacturer of small binding machines in Korea, we have been reducing dependency on imported products, while responding more quickly to our clients' needs,... More
We have 18 years-long sales record in Korea and overseas market. We are a leading company in a field of acne-treating cosmetics. In 2019, we rebuilt a new corporation and simultaneously renewed all products. Our product brand is still ""BIOLEE"" and we especially focused on acne out of all the fields of cosmetics.
Biomedgenomics Co.Ltd
We have gone all out at development for 5 years befroe we set up out company Jan 25, 2006. And finally, we have release YONGJINSAM.
# Keyword 3D Forming curved protector,3D Full cover flexglass protector,3D Forming glass shield air,3D Perfect Protection Full cover,Unbreakable 9H Flexglass,anti-glare screen protectors,iphone screen protector,galaxy screen protector,Android Smartphone screen protector,functional smartphone film # Company Introduction BIOSHIELD is an antimicrobial screen protector manufacturer which is established in July 2011. We are certifiedby SIAA and ISO22196 for antimicrobial thus our antimicrobial screen protectors are antimicrobial effect and safety issues are concurrentlyassured. (99.9% antimicrobial activity - the international testing organization SGS & Passed safety tests including dermal irritability andoral toxicity tests - the incorporated foundation of Japan Food Research Laboratories) Our screen protector is high hardness(9Hhardness) screen protector which is optical PET film coated with silica. It is 'hybrid screen protector' that has high hardness of tempered glass and the merit of regular... More
Since the foundation in 1996, under the management principle of Do not forget your original intention BOOGIL has been working hard in developing and growing in order to forge a company of warmth, happiness and in plenty. Our Company is doing its best to be responsible for the industry s best quality level, and to fully satisfy all of customers demands such as quality, delivery date and prime cost, at the nearest position to the customers, always based on reliance.
#Keyword TRACKSHOT F2, dash camera, security dashcam, blackbox, DVR, drive recorder, In-vehicle camera, security-specific dash camera, TRACKSHOT F2 air, security drive recorder, ADAS technology, technology for safe, dashboard camera, smart dash camera, smart security dash cam, premium dash cam #Company Introduction Established in 2015, BLTECH keeps developing and offering innovative products on Dash Camera and our entire product range is being loved all around the world. Our brand is TRACKSHOT F2. We reinforced security function to existing dash camera. Main features are Tamper-Proofing of SD card and Power cable, PASSWORD and Plate number input functions to manipulate it. #Strength 1. H/W Security : Tamper-proofing SD Card and Power Cable 2. S/W Security : PASSWORD/Car Plate Number Input Function (No driver access, only administrator can operate). 3. When engine is off, it keeps recording in 'continuous recording' mode(FPS adjustable) 4. Excellent Night Vision., ADAS, GPS, PC Viewer, WI-FI and... More
Bo&Bong is a ceramic art studio that develops various design products by converging different materials. We make hand-made, high-quality products in small batches for circulation in large quantities. We pursue high-quality products such as hand-painted ceramics using tube-lining techniques and accessories that are made by combining different materials such as ceramic and silver.
#Keyword power industry, engineering, commissioning, generator, engine generator, gas engine generator, gas turbine generator, photovoltaic power system, #Company Introduction “BOKUK” is since its founding in 1961 a leading company in power industry of Korea, and we can supply engineering, design, manufacturingand site installation and commissioning. Our products are manufactured with high quality and technology that is strictly controlled in accordance with international standands. Now, AC Generator, Diesel/Gas Generator Set, Gas CHP System, Gas Turbine Generator set, Solar Power System and Various Electrical apparatus are in our production line and it is proposed to various business field to industrial plant, power plant, building and hospital, Oil& Gas industry, Military business and others.
BOWIE Co.,Ltd.
moisture whitening mask,aqua mask sheet,lifting aqua mask,natural extracts mask sheet,for clear and white skin,aura whitening essence,hyaluronic acid mask,aquvo ampoule mask,jelly skin lifting,naturally derived ampoule #Company Introduction “Aquvo” is the combination of the words, aqua (moisture, water) + avoir (French: contain) “Aquvo” is the combination of the words aqua that means moisture and water with the French word avoir that means contain. It means that we will help your skin become moisturized and healthy with our moisture and nutrient full facial masks. - Brand that sticks to the basics Since it is a cosmetic product used directly on the skin, our mission is to create a mask pack that is faithful to the basics with ingredients that are proven to be safe and effective in consideration of oil and moisture balance, acidity (pH), safe ingredients, and proven efficacy ingredients so as not to cause skin irritation. - New skin solution : Healthy skin “Aquvo” exists for career women, and... More
Bstarlit Co.,Ltd
lipstick,lip tint,toner,lotion,cleansing foam,skin care,makeup,make up,eyeliner,eyebrow,lip balm,lip lacquer,eye shadow,bb cream,eye glitter,mascara,cleansing water,cleansing tissue,remover,remover pad,suncream,sun screen,sun block,tone up cream,whitening cream,whitening,cc cusion,cc cream,cc,bb #Company Introduction : ‘BOM’ is a makeup-specialized brand under the slogan ‘You can be Beautiful, MORE’, provides the latest makeup trend with the best quality, reasonable price, and actualizes a brand philosophy for providing the most superior beauty to consumers. #Strength : 1. TREND We create products satisfying consumers need by analyzing rapidly changing makeup trends. 2. High Quality We will make endless effort without complacency for better products and best quality. 3. Reasonable We will reduce consumers burden with bubble-less reasonable prices. 4. Simple We create safe-to-use products excluding potentially harmful ingredients on your skin and formulating with only essential... More
Bukyong Global Co.
#Keyword SRF, Slow Release Fertilizer, CRF, Controlled Release Fertlizer, NPK fertilizer, complex fertilizer, compound fertlizer, press type SRF, fertilizer #Company introduction Speciallized in manufacturing press type Slow Release Fertilizer, Bukyung Global Co. produce over 30 different kinds of SRF for fruit trees and field crop. Compound nutrients (NPK and microelement fertilizer) are released slowly over 6 months.
Byeolttang Hangwa Daily Nut
Established in 2014, Byeolttang Hangwa Daily Nuts has made snacks with patented way, whereupon our snack doesn’t stick to teeth and has crunchy texture. We put the healthiness itself given from nature in the snack, with 100% pure nuts which certified as a Gangwon Specialty without artificial additives.
1. High-quality original laver from the west coast of Korea We only use high-quality original laver that is comprised of Porphyra tenera and wild seaweed mixed in a particular ratio and extracted from a clean area on the west coast of Korea. 2. Solar salt without heavy metals or foreign substances 3. Seasoned and roasted twice 4. Quality management 5. Certified by IS0 22000 (Food Safety Management System) and Q mark with FDA approval 6. Certified by the HACCP 7. A 30-year-old tradition of craftsmanship We use our 30 years of expertise and tradition to produce Gwangcheon roasted seaweed. # Main Product 1.Gwangcheon BYUL MAT Seasoned Laver l natural and safety food 2.Ongaae Gwangcheon Seasoned Laver l high quality laver 3.Roasted Laver for Sushi and Roll(SUSHI NORI ) l maintain healthy diet food 4.SEACRUNCHY SEAWEED SNACK l high quality seaweed snack More
Candyspeedkorea Co..Ltd.
#Keyword 1 minute Hair Dyes, self hair dye, Haircare products, Associated Products, Other Quasi-Drugs, quick Hair Dyes #Company Introduction CandySpeed Korea started to develop its own dye products in 2015 and established its own company in 2018 at the same time that the product was completed. CandySpeed Korea's ideology is a promise to take responsibility for the "healthy and beautiful hair" of its customers. The philosophy of Candy Speed is promise of "healthy and beautiful hair" to customers. Candy Speed makes a revolutionary product that gives you your desired color and softness without odor within 1 to 2 minutes. If there is a valuable and beautiful thing in the life in the world, we will not give up and make our ways to get it. We will create the best quality products and innovative business opportunites for the realization of our ideals. For this, we have a concrete business plan to order to accomplish the dream. When a modest, humble person who has a big vision in his or her... More
Massage and Massage Specialty Brand Shop
Chamgil co.,Ltd
An Item enabling us to always live a convenient life in a bood envsteelment is the assignment and objective of our company.
Since foundation in 2005, we have been playing a key part in creating new culture of sumac here utilizing the sumac-related technologies inherited from the previous generations, as the first sumac expert in Sumac industrial zone, Okcheon. We have been engaging in production and distribution of "non-poison sumac tea bag", "non-poison sumac Geumgang sumac water" after removing toxic substances causing poison sumac-getting problem and furthermore, we also developed 'Mangsan sumac chicken feet essence which is a processed meat product.
Chancel Co., Ltd.
The beauty recipe found in the beauty of the bright sunshine, the moistness of the clear and clean water, and the purity of the blue-green energy wind, SKINNATION Research for products that minimize harmful substances on the skin and that can be relied on for safe composition of natural extracts obtained from nature. Since we have built trust based on our trust and commitment with our customers, we will try to achieve 100% satisfaction with good raw materials and high technology, excluding excessive advertising or bubbles from the middle distribution process.
CSI focus on providing precision cutting solution for power-train systems, specializes in BROACH, HOB, ENDMILL. Our continuous effort is to develop edge cutting tools and technical support for our customers. We are dedicated to being the best solution when looking for cutting tools, reducing customer‘s production cost by improving the precision and technical solution is our mission.