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About Kompass

“Your Route to Business Worldwide”

Kompass Group is a global B2B marketing consultation company established in 1943. It is headquartered in France and has Local Centers in over 75 countries to support your global marketing activities.

Kompass Korea is a Korea branch of Kompass International founded in 1989. Kompass Korea supports local businesses to discover new markets in foreign countries by matching the needs of the local and foreign businesses based on the Kompass database which contains more than 33 million company information worldwide.

About Kompass Mall

Buy product samples at Kompass Mall!

Kompass Mall is a sample store created by Kompass Korea. It is a B2B eCommerce platform where the businesses can purchase product samples of the Kompass Vendors before making the actual purchase decision. Kompass Mall allows the buyers to acquire product samples easily and quickly as there is no need for the businesses to contact the vendors manually and ask for the samples.

Kompass mall connects the business to business to explore their business ideas and discover new market opportunities. Try out different product samples prepared at Kompass Mall and get one step closer to success.

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